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Metis Wins Professional Services Automation Software Awards From SaaS Experts

06 April 2017 |

Category: Metis

Author: Simon Clark

We’re really pleased to announce that Metis’ excellence has been recognised by one of the top online software review platforms: FinancesOnline. Recently, FinancesOnline published a very positive review of our software, discussing in detail the helpful features of our product, and how it can benefit companies of different scales across multiple industries.

However, this is not all we have to thank FinancesOnline for. They examined Metis in depth and compared it to leading performers in its Professional Services Automation software category. As a result, Metis has won two of its prominent quality awards, including the Great User Experience Award (reserved for products which combine sophistication and ease of use) and the Rising Star Award for 2017, which distinguishes us as a fast-developing company with innovative ideas. We were also pleased to learn that Metis was featured as a leading project management solution on a parallel list compiled by their experts.

We’re delighted by the recognition. From day one our goal with Metis has been to help professional services businesses run more profitably by giving them a beautifully simple and tightly integrated set of tools. Metis uses the data from all these tools to create forward-looking estimates to help you predict the future.

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